Video: Red Hot Chili Peppers - Look Around

Red Hot Chili Peppers released their video for their second single off I'm With You, "Look Around" and (as expected), it does not disappoint.

Taking the lyrics quite literally (Look around / All around / Oh yeah / Woo!), the video shows the Chilis hangin' out in their own respective rooms as the camera revolves around each one. Moreover, keeping the band's prolificacy and longevity in mind, the video is also a simple first hand representation of all the fun they're allowed to have now that they've paid their dues—yet another visual that echoes the lyrics of the song (Double my fun, double my vision / Long hard look at my last decision...Put my peg into your square / Run around like we just don't care).

The Chili Peppers are always great for making a simple concept really creative, and it's this innovation that never ceases to fail them. Watch the vid below. And if you're STILL craving more Chili, be sure to check out their 10 best videos on HFS97.5.