Video: Ruben Studdard - June 28th (I'm Single)

In the words of Neil Sedaka, breaking up is hard to do.  But sometimes putting it all out there eases the pain (Hello, Gotye!).

Joining the break-up song ranks of Adele, Gotye, and Taylor Swift is everyone's favorite American Idol alum, Ruben Studdard with "June 28th (I'm Single)". As some of you may or may not know, Ruben ended his two year marriage to his wife (who he met at a Wal-Mart album-signing!), and now thanks to his latest single we know all the details.

In a fairly personal account, the opening lyrics express Ruben's yearning for his ex-wife:

Girl I tried everything to make you smile / I gave you the world on a platter but you wanted out / I'm not into keeping somebody / That don't want to be mine

But as the song goes on, the listener gets the feeling (pretty loud and clear) that Ruben's ready to MINGLE:

Ladies, I'm single / So when you see me on the street / Don't be scared to speak / I'm a need another lady / I'm single

So in case you were wondering, he's single. Get in line, ladies (preferably at his next Wal-Mart signing).