Video: Taylor Swift's "Safe & Sound" From The Hunger Games

In the haunting new lullaby from Taylor Swift and collaborators The Civil Wars 'Safe & Sound' , Swift sings words of comfort and safety to a loved one. The song was written by Swift and T-Bone Burnett for the soundtrack for upcoming film The Hunger Games. The movie follows the story of young people fighting an epic battle, but the young country singer wanted to focus on the other side of the story: " I just knew that I wanted it to deal with the empathy, sort of the more sensitive side, the bittersweet side of this story," Swift told an interviewer from MTV.

The song lyrics are sweet, tender, and comforting and Swift and The Civil Wars' delivery is haunting and sad. The video is sparse and thoughtful, featuring Swift walking in a barren forest that seems to be on fire in some parts, which is echoed in the lyrics:
Don't you dare look out your window darling / Everything's on fire / The war outside our door keeps raging on / Hold onto this lullaby / Even when the music's gone

Watch the video for this beautiful song, and also check out the behind the scenes video of 'Safe & Sound':

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