Listen to a Song Written Entirely About Scarlett Johansson

It's by Vincent Poag and it's called "Scarlett & Me." Watch the lyric video here.

Saying Vincent Poag is a Scarlett Johansson fan might not be doing him justice. The folk singer-songwriter just released his new song "Scarlett & Me," and it's all about an imaginary day spent with the Hollywood starlet after a chance encounter in the streets of New York. The story begins with Vincent walking down Fifth Ave. and bumping right into Scarlett, who just happened to be looking down at her phone texting. (SMH, Scar-Jo.) From there, the two go for lunch at a cafe, chatting as if they've known each other forever, and just generally getting along like a house on fire. Find out what happens next by watching the premiere of the brand new lyric video above, a clip that features some particularly lovely animation to accompany the song.

"Scarlett & Me" is featured on Vincent's new album For The Girls, which is available on iTunes now. What's your favorite lyric from "Scarlett and Me"? Post it in the comments.

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