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Who needs the sun? These 10 hit songs are so very anti-summertime. Which one's your favorite?

Just last week, we came to the conclusion over here at MetroLyrics that 2014's Song Of The Summer belongs to Ariana Grande ft. Iggy Azalea for their swingin' hit "Problem". Sure, it's a song that makes you want to move (that sax hook, anyone?), but what if you feel like the sun is mocking you? We have to admit: the pressure of trying to cram in as much fun as possible into one short summer can definitely give us a case of "summertime sadness", and with some of the world's biggest songs right now being about heartache, we can tell that pop artists totally agree with us.

For all of you out there who just want to get down to some moody music this summer, we've picked out 10 tracks that could be considered the anti-Song Of The Summer for this year. Have a look at our selection, see why we chose 'em, and then vote for the one that makes you feel the saddest as you bake under that gosh-darn sun:

1. Ultraviolence - Lana Del Rey

Why it's so anti-Song Of The Summer: It's safe to say that Lana Del Rey's musical style isn't that kind of peppy, fun pop that so many songs of the summer fit under. The songstress usually deals with heartache over her latest lover in her lyrics, and the title track off her upcoming LP Ultraviolence does exactly that. However, she takes the theme even further on "Ultraviolence", hinting at physical abuse (which we hope isn't true!). Definitely not a sunny song.

Saddest lyric: "Ultraviolence / I can hear sirens, sirens / He hit me and it felt like a kiss..."

2. Always In My Head - Coldplay

Why it's so anti-Song Of The Summer: The opening track off Coldplay's latest release, Ghost Stories, already begins to set an icy tone for the certified breakup album, inspired by the split of frontman Chris Martin and actress Gwyneth Paltrow. We think it's safe to say that the entire record holds an anti-Song Of The Summer theme, seeing as it's all about the emotions one goes through during the end of a relationship. Martin probably has the curtains closed whenever he's at home to keep that gosh-for-saken sun out of his face.

Saddest lyric: "I think of you / I haven't slept / I think I do / But I don't forget..."

3. Stay High (Hippie Sabotage Habits Remix) - Tove Lo

Why it's so anti-Song Of The Summer: The original version of this track definitely has more of a fast-paced poppy vibe to it, but the Hippie Sabotage remix of Tove Lo's "Stay High" is a slow-burning rework that is just way too catchy for its own good. The lyrics are filled with some of the most honest, painful emotions we've heard in a while, and people seem to resonate with it for that reason. Blast this sucker when you're home alone with the summertime blues.

Saddest lyric: "Can't go home alone again / Need someone to numb the pain..."

4. Stay With Me - Sam Smith

Why it's so anti-Song Of The Summer: Breakout star Sam Smith is just trying to find "the one" in his single "Stay With Me", which, of course, plenty of people can relate to. Summer romances tend to be easy and don't last very long, so if you fall hard for your summer fling and they don't feel the same way, just play Smith's ode to finding the love of his life and treat yourself to some ice cream straight out of the carton. We won't judge.

Saddest lyric: "Guess it's true, I'm not good at a one-night stand / But I still need love 'cause I'm just a man..."

5. The Worst - Jhene Aiko

Why it's so anti-Song Of The Summer: Summer can just be "the worst" sometimes, right? You get a bad sunburn, heatstroke can strike at any moment, and, according to Jhene Aiko, your current squeeze keeps being a jerk and you can't help but run back to them. Show of hands: ever been in a relationship like this before? Seriously, we've all been there, and we feel you, Aiko.

Saddest lyric: "You know what you've done to me / And although it hurts I know / I just can't keep runnin' away..."

6. Waves - Mr. Probz

Why it's so anti-Song Of The Summer: By the title of the track, you'd probably think that Mr. Probz's single "Waves" would be a great summer tune, but after giving it a listen, you'll hear that the track is actually pretty heartbreaking. It's got the anti-SOTS vibe all over it: it looks like a summer anthem on paper, but in reality, it's a crippling ode to that awful feeling of losing love.

Saddest lyric: "I'm slowly drifting (drifting away) / Wave after wave, wave after wave / I'm slowly drifting (drifting away) / And it feels like I'm drowning..."

7. Not About Angels - Birdy

Why it's so anti-Song Of The Summer: Teenaged singer/songwriter Birdy's been known to sing some pretty heavy songs, but with "Not About Angels" from The Fault In Our Stars soundtrack, this is Birdy at her heaviest. Seeing as the song's inspired by the tragic teenaged love between the movie's two main characters, it's probably best to not throw this tear-jerker on your bumpin' SOTS playlist.

Saddest lyric: "We know full well there's just time / So is it wrong to dance this line / If your heart was full of love / Could you give it up?"

8. Me And My Broken Heart - Rixton

Why it's so anti-Song Of The Summer: It's easy enough to be happy and confident when you're walking around with a heart intact, but when you're UK boy-band Rixton and your heart's in pieces, it's pretty hard to enjoy the summertime. Sure, the song's got plenty of energy, but the lyrics really solidify its position on our anti-SOTS list.

Saddest lyric: "All I need is a little love in my life / All I need is a little love in the dark / A little but I'm hoping it might kick start / Me and my broken heart..."

9. Am I Wrong - Nico & Vinz

Why it's so anti-Song Of The Summer: "Am I Wrong" may be slowly but surely heating up the charts, but the lyrical content is anything but warm & cheerful like the hot summer sun. Love going sour is never a fun thing, and Norwegian duo Nico & Vinz sound like they're gonna have a bummer of a summer because they were wrong about the future of a relationship. Get those shades handy: not to hide from the sun, but to hide your tears.

Saddest lyric: "Am I wrong for thinking that we could be something for real? / Now am I wrong for trying to reach the things that I can't see? / But that's just how I feel, that's just how I feel..."

10. Drowning - Banks

Why it's so anti-Song Of The Summer: Pretty much all of pop newcomer Banks' music that's come out so far is very anti-sunshine: her angsty lyrics and minimal production is darker than the middle of a summer's night. If you've had to end a relationship recently, and are hating the idea of having to deal with summer, we bet Banks feels you.

Saddest lyric: "Take it from the girl you claimed to love / You gonna get some bad karma / I'm the one who had to learn to build a heart made of armor..."

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