Watch Beyonce (And Destiny's Child!)'s Incredible Halftime Performance

Ever since we found out that our girl Beyonce was going to be the performer at the infamous Halftime Show, we've had a hunch that the performance was going to be one of the biggest and best on record. And guess what — we were right! We could barely contain our excitement as the stadium lights dimmed yesterday on February 3rd and an outline of the diva in PURE FIRE lit up the stage. Beyonce strutted out and sang the chorus to her song "Love On Top" a capella: she wanted to prove to critics and haters alike that she could sing sans backup track, and she left us with our jaws on the floor. With a startling 135 backup dancers on stage with her, the Queen Bey then belted out her signature hit "Crazy In Love", followed by a surprise old-school track "Baby Boy" (sans Sean Paul, unfortunately).

And that's when Kelly Rowland and Michelle Willams ROSE UP from below the stage, looking AMAZING and bringing Destiny's Child back together again! The threesome sang "Bootylicious", "Independent Women Part 1", and "Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)" flawlessly, and we might have been holding back tears watching one of our most cherished girl groups belting it out again.

"Everybody put your hands toward me. I want to feel your energy," said Beyonce as she launched into the final song of the night, "Halo". As one of our favorite Bey songs, we marveled at the singer as she hit every note right and kneeled down on stage to reach out to her fans. And as the performance ended, there was so much energy in the room that we're pretty sure the stadium couldn't handle it and lost its power. As the game was delayed, everybody around the world was saying "WOW, Beyonce really shut down the stadium with her epic performance!".

What did you think of Beyonce, her dancers and Destiny's Child's performance at the epic Halftime Show? Share your thoughts with us!