Watch: Coldplay's Princess of China Video Featuring Rihanna

Rihanna Coldplay Princess of China screenshot

Coldplay's song "Princess of China" featuring Rihanna is a heartfelt rock ballad about a couple whose relationship came to an end. The video was just released after long anticipation from fans. Rihanna tweeted a picture of herself in costume for the video back in March calling herself a "gangsta goth geisha."

The video is a dramatic parody of a Chinese martial arts movie with Rihanna as both a beautiful, mysterious princess and a fierce samurai warrior. This costume echoes the lyrics when she sings, "I could have been a princess, you'd be a king / Could have had a castle and worn a ring / But no o-o-o-oh you let me go o-o-o-oh-oh." Of course in the song the references to princesses and riches and castles probably refer to the dreams happy couples have for themselves before things (sometimes) turn sour. Here's the video:

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