Watch: Dave Barnes On Writing His (Mysterious) Song "Seventeen" + Free MP3

If you ask Dave Barnes what his song "Seventeen" is about, he wouldn't be able to tell you. That's not because the singer-songwriter is particularly secretive, but because he doesn't really know himself. The song's lyrics are dark but simple and tell of a girl he (or a fictional "he") met when he was seventeen who ran away and was found dead in a hotel.

In an interview for Barnes's official Youtube channel, he explains his songwriting process for "Seventeen" as practically non existant: "I wrote that song in about as long as it takes to listen to it" [ed. note: the song is 3 minutes and 43 seconds FYI!] He goes on to say that he's not really sure what the song is about or what it means, but it just flowed naturally onto paper and became the song fans know today. Sometimes the songwriting process is mysterious! Watch the rest of the short interview here: is currently offering Dave Barnes's song "White Flag" as their free download of the day!