Watch Frank Ocean Perform "Bad Religion" On Jimmy Fallon


frank ocean on jimmy fallon

Last night, R&B artist Frank Ocean took to the stage of Late Night With Jimmy Fallon and delivered an understated, emotional and moving performance of his song "Bad Religion." It's been a long time since we've seen a popular artist with such a restrained, stripped-down performance style that still keeps the audience on the edge of their seats.

Ocean is not only notable for his vocal and songwriting talent, but for his recent admission on his Tumblr blog that his first love was a man. Many people, including past collaborators Jay-Z and Beyonce commended him for his bravery.

channel ORANGE, Ocean's debut album, was released last night and within an hour it reached #1 on iTunes. The song that he performed on Fallon last night with string accompaniment, "Bad Religion," was an apt choice given the recent attention Ocean garnered with his coming out; it contains lyrical themes of unrequited love and has a chorus that repeatedly says "I can never make him love me / Never make him love me, no, no."
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Watch Frank Ocean's great performance of "Bad Religion":

[UPDATE: This video is no longer available.]

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