Find Out Why Surfing Helps Jason Mraz Write Such Carefree Songs

Jason talks that and more in an exclusive interview with CBS Sunday Morning airing this weekend.

Songwriting and surfing go hand-in-hand for singer-songwriter Jason Mraz, who let Ben Tracy from CBS Sunday Morning accompany him to his favorite surf spot near his California home to talk about how this laid back lifestyle helps him write such carefree music. He explains in the interview: "The fact that surfing serves no point, really, I think brings to my music a sort of carefree, 'everything is going to be okay' quality. Because when you're out on the water, that's how you feel."

During the interview, Mraz also gives insight into his upcoming fifth studio album Yes!, out July 15th, and the approach he took when tackling dark subject matter in his songs. "I certainly don't want to bring an audience into that dark place and say 'come with me on a journey while I bum us all out,' and then hope that the next song gets us out," he tells Tracy. "No, it has to happen within one song, you know. If you're going to go to a sad place for me, I've got to get out of it before the song's over."

UPDATE: Watch an exclusive clip from Sunday's interview, where Jason breaks down the inspiration for his song "Remedy," below.

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Watch the official music video for the first single off Yes!, "Love Someone", on the player below: