Watch Justin Bieber's Found Footage-Style "Beauty and A Beat" Video With Nicki Minaj

Recently, the gossip sector of the internet was shaken up when Justin Bieber tweeted that somebody had stolen personal footage from him on tour. Soon after, some questionable personal photos made the rounds on gossip sites that seemed to show a faceless person with similar tattoos as Justin Bieber who was, um... not wearing any clothes.

Now, with the release of Justin and Nicki Minaj's "Beauty And A Beat" video, we all know that the Biebs was trolling us! The "stolen footage" lie was all a lead-up to this new video which is shot in a style that looks like he's holding the camera and filming the whole thing himself. The result is a charming, fun video that makes us want to go to a waterpark!

As for the nude pictures, well, they were determined to be fake. We think it was just an unrelated person trying to take advantage of the situation by faking the pictures. Justin still comes out victorious!

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