Watch Katy Perry "Roar" (Literally) In Her New Music Video

She's got the eye of the tiger in her queen-of-the-jungle-themed music vid...

She's got the eye of the tiger! What kind of music video did you expect from Katy Perry with a song title like "Roar", anyhow? She's the queen of the jungle in her latest vid, taking the lyrics in her smash comeback single literally and letting the world know she's louder than a lion.

The clip begins like an old-time safari movie, where she crashes a plane into the middle of a jungle with who we're assuming is her controlling boyfriend, but he gets what's coming to him when he gets dragged away by a tiger. But Katy doesn't let herself get turned into cat chow: she follows her own lyrics and learns how to be a champion of the wilderness all on her own. Well, with a little help from the animals of the jungle.

Watch the music video for Katy Perry's "Roar" on VEVO below and share your thoughts on the clip in the comments: