Watch Maroon 5's Heartwarming Crowd-Sourced Video For "Daylight"

Warning, the new Maroon 5 video is a bit of a tear-jerker! The video is a crowd-sourced collage of clips from fans set to the song "Daylight" from Maroon 5's newest album Overexposed. The band asked fans to record footage about what they love (examples include pets, friends, family, life), what they hate (driving, judgement, loneliness), and their various experiences with love, heartbreak, coming out, and losing loved ones. The result is a poignant video mosaic that offers insight into the lives of different people around the world. There's even some bonus clips of fans playing instruments and singing along to the song!

What do you think of the "Daylight" video? Are you featured as a fan in the clip? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!