Watch M.I.A.'s Hypnotic "Come Walk With Me" Lyric Video

The alt-pop artist releases her most original song (and lyric video) yet...

With her fourth studio album Matangi, out November 5th, it looks like M.I.A. is going a bit more down the general pop music route with her latest single "Come Walk With Me". Singing the lyrics Come on walk with me / You ain't gotta shake it just be with me / You ain't gotta throw your hands in the air / 'Cos tonight we ain't acting like we don't care, her words are reminiscent of many pop ditties out right now, but of course, she switches it up out of nowhere and adds a pretty intense beat switch to the song.

Setting the tone of the single is "Come Walk With Me"'s lyric video, which expands on the Bollywood theme of the song's melodic tones with CGI graphics of Hindu deities, with the lyrics in bright yellow underneath the scenes. Watch the lyric video on VEVO below and let us know what you think of it in the comments: