Watch Morgan Frazier's "Yellow Brick Road" Lyric Video

Channel your inner Dorothy and travel down the "Yellow Brick Road" with country starlet Morgan Frazier in her latest lyric video.

Country newcomer Morgan Frazier may be classified as a country artist, but there's more to her than that. Citing her parent's musical influences, like Earth, Wind and Fire and Led Zeppelin, as helping shape her music style, her tunes are well-rounded. Which is proven in her song "Yellow Brick Road", a song about feeling trapped in a fantasy when she desperately wants to be brought down to reality. It's a charming take on the usual opposite situation: don't we all just want to escape to a dream land away from real life? Watch the lyric video above and get to know the music of Morgan Frazier!

"Yellow Brick Road" is available now over at iTunes. What do you think of Morgan's tune?