Watch: Naya Rivera's "Sorry" Lyric Video

The Glee star is going down the popstar route with her beau Big Sean...

Glee star Naya Rivera is trying out the pop star life with her debut single "Sorry", featuring new beau Big Sean, and it's a little ditty about being unapologetic now that she has a new man that his ex can't get over. Sorry she's not sorry! The tune got its own lyric video today, which is a cool clip featuring the lyrics projected over an unknown female — sans clothing, so it's a little NSFW — but eye-catching nonetheless.

Could the lyrics be influenced by real life drama? Did Naya swoop in and snatch Big Sean off the end of a previous relationship of his? Whether or not it's true, the peppy R&B/pop/hip-hop medley is catchy as can be, and we'll be playing this lyric video until we get to know the words.

Watch Naya Rivera ft. Big Sean's "Sorry" lyric video on VEVO below and share your thoughts on it with us: