Watch: Nicki Minaj On Her Lyrics and Her Love Of The "F-Bomb"

Monday night, rap/pop/musical superstar Nicki Minaj appeared on ABC's Nightline and discussed almost everything from her tough childhood with an abusive father, to her career philosophy.

The "Beez In The Trap" emcee was an open book and first, she touched on her lyrics. Reporter JuJu Chang asked Minaj: "Should parents be worried about their kids watching [you]?" "No, I don't want to offend moms or children like when they come and pay their money to see a show. But," the rapper emphasized strongly, "I didn't come in the game to be an artist that appeals to kids either." She was adamant about not wanting to be emulated as far as her lyrics go by kids who may be too young to really understand. She mentioned a joke that she and her team now have after meeting Sophia Grace Brownlee, the 8 year old girl with a talent for covering Minaj's "Superbass", "We have a running joke in my crew, when I do a song 'Can Sophia sing that one?'"

Though she tries not to offend, Minaj did call herself "a crazy lunatic" and admitted that she loves the F word. "I love the F-bomb. It has so much power and so many meanings. You can use it as like a noun, a verb, an adjective..." she explained. Watch the full interview below for a look at Nicki Minaj's childhood with an abusive father, and why she doesn't like to be compared to fellow Superstar Lady Gaga...

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