Watch The 6-Second Teaser For Beyonce's New Music(?)

In this 6-second teaser clip that pop queen Beyonce released today, we have no idea what to focus on: there's her flawlessly made-up face staring out with intensity, there's the infectious beat that we can practically already see her dancing to, and there's her strange robot hand that jerks forward. ALSO there's a date and a hashtag, #BeyHereNow, to get really excited about:

So whatever Bey's hinting at (we're guessing a new song) it's coming TOMORROW. In true Beyonce fashion, she's releasing it on 4/4, her favorite number and her and Jay-Z's wedding anniversary! We can't wait to see what's in store. Will the song have a ready-made music video? We can only hope...

What do you think #BeyHereNow means? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!