Watch The Throne - A Visual (Lyrics) Aspect

Recognize The Movement, a music/fashion/art blog started by UK artist Gabriel Bean, was inspired by the lyrics in Kanye & Jay-Z's epic album Watch The Throne to create an art project entitled "Watch The Throne - A Visual Aspect". Bean put together a 14-page booklet featuring all the song titles off WTT and a selection of their lyrics that provoked imagery. Check out some of our favorites:

"Gotta Have It" - c/o Gabriel Bean

"Lift Off" - c/o Gabriel Bean

"Lift Off" - c/o Gabriel Bean

We love how the background of the typography represents the context of the lyrics — looks like something we'd do (our MetroLyrics Facebook profile picture, anyone?). All images are courtesy of Recognize The Movement, and you can download the visual booklet for free at the link.

Which one is your favorite? Whose lyrics would you love to see in a cool graphic like these ones?

~ A.H.