Watch This! Beyoncé - 1+1

Oh. Mai. Gawsh. 

Ok, give me a sec to recover from this amazing video for a few minutes...

ALRIGHT, I'm ready to review. *dabs eyes with tissue*

There are two reactions that this video can render: the one I just had (crying, saying "SHE'S SO BEAUTIFUL!" out loud to myself), or fanning yourself with both hands and saying "WHEW! Hot stuff! Excuse me, I have to leave for a sec". 

What's super awesome about Beyoncé's latest album 4 is the Whitney Houston-esque ballads Lady B belts out, ESPECIALLY this little ditty that makes me swoon x10 over her and Jay-Z's timeless love (even though they barely reference each other in music, that's gotta be who it's about, right?). The video is what I'm here to discuss, though, and there's one word that describes it just right: RAW. Bey is all slicked up, her blonde hair (which I love now - here's her with dark hair) flowing, and dancing around scarves in slow-mo with the grace and poise of a true diva.

Honestly, this has gotta be my fave part in the whole vid:

LEOPARD PRINT GODDESS. It only happens for a second or two, but RAWR. 

It's funny how Beyoncé can make such a sensual video so tasteful, but if somebody like Katy Perry or Rihanna did such a thing, they'd probably get a lot of flak. And of course, Queen B cries her lovely eyes out in the vid, and she's totally believable (just try to imagine Katy Perry genuinely crying!). So bow down to the Queen of R&B and take a big fat breather — this video will leave you speechless for a full 24 hours.

~ A.H.

P.S. did you catch Bey's tatty?

It's the Roman numeral for 4, which represents her birthdate, as well as her mom Tina's and Jay-Z's! To top it all off, her wedding anniversary is April 4th, so it's definitely her lucky number. Will Beyoncé and Jay's future child be born on the 4th? THAT WOULD BE SO COOL.