Watch This!: Blink-182 - Up All Night (Fan Montage Version)

Have you ever uploaded a video on YouTube only to have it taken down due to copyright infringement?

Are you a Blink-182 fan?

Do you like fun, croud-sourced videos?

If you answered yes to 1 or more of these questions then this is a video worth checking out. The vid's premise is one that has been gaining popularity among artists ever since the rise of social media sites like YouTube, Twitter and Facebook: getting fans involved. Social media has made it easier than ever for fans to feel close to their favorite artists and celebrities and Blink-182 has partnered with AT&T to put their own spin on the movement. Here's how they describe the video:

To launch our first single in eight years, AT&T helped us search YouTube for every instance of fans using our music without our permission. And then we rewarded them for it. This film is made out of clips from all those videos. Thanks for being a fan.

So watch this video and let us know; how awesome would you feel if you made it into your favorite artist's music vid?