Watch This! Cee-Lo Green's I Want You (Hold On To Love)

Cee-Lo just released the video for his newest single I Want You (Hold On To Love) and lets just be honest: it's a feast for the eyes. In theatrical Cee-Lo tradition, he is looking sharp, a little retro, and a lot flashy. For this video, he takes inspiration from the legendary Liberace and dons sequin brocade capes, and ruffle blouses in Vegas. Watch the video for some more ridiculous outfits.

Trust us, these two screen shots are tame compared to the blue feather coat he wears (starting at 0:36). The song is smooth and nostalgic but we don't know how we feel about the syncopation (the beat gets a bit unpredictable at points). Something tells us we'll get used to it. Especially if we keep watching this eye-catching video over and over...not that we're doing that or anything...

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