Watch This! Cobra Starship feat. The Plastiscines "Fool Like Me" Lyrics Video!

I know it's the summer and everything, but it's a good idea to do at least some light reading to keep your mind sharp while on vacation from schoolio. Lucky for you, Cobra Starship made a fun AND easy to read lyrics video for their song "Fool Like Me" from their album Night Shades (due out August 30). 

Personally, I think the singer is being way too hard on himself. How much of an idiot can you be if you've neatly organized the projection of your song's lyrics on beachfront rocks, overturned couches and walls of buildings?

And for us slow readers out there, it even incorporates some lil' pictures instead of words sometimes. I'm a fan of the baby silhouette, myself. Seriously, if the girl doesn't take him back by the end of this song, give him my digits!