Watch This!: Demi Lovato Gets Personal In Her Latest Single's Lyrics

In Demi Lovato's latest YouTube video, A Letter To My Fans, she opens up about her experience in a treatment center and shares a snippet of her new song Fix A Heart. The song's chorus can be heard and the lyrics definitely seem based on Demi's tough experiences: 

And I just ran out of band aids / I don't even know where to start / Cause you can bandage the damage / You never really can fix a heart

We love these lyrics because they show that your life experiences are always with you, you can never fully get rid of them, but they are what makes your stronger. Demi talks so candidly about working towards a healthier, happier life that we can't help but love her for her realness and openness.

"Last year everything stopped and for the next three months I woke up in a treatment center every day away from my family and friends. I spent a lot of time and holidays thinking there. I thought about the sadness that I felt, the pain that I was in, and the addictions that I was struggling from."

When I got out I recorded some songs about how bad things got and eventually, something positive came out of it. Then I began to work on other songs too and they were about the most important lesson that I had learned during those three months: that life is what you make of it. My life began to change again and I became happier, healthier, and stronger."

With such a willingness to share her life through interviews and through her lyrics, it's not hard to see why Demi has such a huge following of fans. You can hear Fix A Heart on her album Unbroken which dropped today!