Watch This! Eminem "Space Bound"

Woah Em, is this the video for "Space Bound" or something? 'Cause that gun scene was outta this world! [Yeah — Disclaimer: sorta NSFW due to violence]. Seriously though, when it comes to relationships, will Eminem ever catch a break? We all know his two-time marriage to Kim (who we're all on a first-name basis with) wasn't exactly smooth sailing... and "Love the Way You Lie" doesn't quite conjure up images of happy couples running off into the sunset, either. "Space Bound" is no different. The video has Em fighting his inner jealous demons as he seems to suspect his girlfriend, played by Sasha Grey, of cheating. Should he check her phone or just keep his cool? Lucky for Em, he splits off into two people so he can do both! It's like real life 'Choose Your Own Adventure'! Watch the vid for yourself and see how it all unfolds... 


P.S. Is it just me or is seeing Eminem with brown hair like hearing Mr. Bean talk? I know it's been like a year, but I still can't shake it.