Watch This: Justice "Audio, Video, Disco"

You know how when a musician talks about the genesis of an album or a track and they're like, "I literally lived in the studio for 3 months" and you're all "Yeah, yeah, yeah I get it, you didn't actually, really live in the studio, you're just trying to tell me that you're super dedicated to your music, right?" Right. Unless you're talking to Justice, in which case you'd be wrong. 

The French duo's latest music vid for "Audio, Video, Disco" shows them toiling away in a recording studio where they eat, sleep, celebrate Christmas, exchange gifts, and ring in the new year. I wonder if this was the real video concept, or if they were just too busy actually recording the song that they got lazy and thought, "What the hey, film us in here and we'll kill two birds with one stone." Either way, it's a super cool idea with a much more lax vibe than the bangers we're used to hearing (seeing? Stress, anyone?) from these two.