Watch This!: Katy Perry's Backstage Sneak Peak

If you ever thought Ms. Katy Perry had her makeup tattooed to her face, this video will surprise you. In it, Katy takes you backstage behind-the-scenes of her California Dreams tour (known to her and the crew as 'Candyfornia') and the pop superstar looks and acts surprisingly normal! Her makeup-less face makes her look like the young and fun 27 year old she is rather than the showgirl we usually see on the red carpet and up on stage.

It's fun to see another side of such a huge popstar and this sneak peak offers a rarely-seen side of touring with Katy getting fitted in crazy Candyland costumes and her crew talking about all the pyrotechnics, bubbles, and foam they have to execute to make the concert run smoothly. Watch this video for a look at Katy Perry looking, well, ordinary!

NSFW because Katy Perry has a bit of a potty mouth...