Watch This! Lady Gaga Tweets Fashion Vid from HAUS OF Ü

Earlier today, our little fashionista Lady Gaga tweeted the following:

Are you guys ready for the first installment of Gaga's fashion films? Here it is...

Rocking her super-flaxen ballerina look from her music video for "Yoü And I", Gaga's first vid feels like just a teaser of what's to come. My inner fashionista was inspired by her "Nymph" look, so I headed on over to Polyvore to create my own version of the outfit:

Lady Gaga, You And I: Nymph
Pink slip, ballet flats, nude lipstick, cornstalks — what else do you need for this natural look?

As Gaga tweets more fashion films, I'll be covering them with my versions of the looks from Polyvore...stay tuned! 

~ A.H.