Watch This! Lady Gaga's 3rd HAUS OF Ü Vid ft. YÜYI

Is it just me, or is Gaga (excuse me, Yuyi) the most convincingly real mermaid on the planet? The girl is so fierce she can even rock a prosthetic FISHTAIL and turn it into fashion. Or, maybe she's been a creature of the deep all along a la The Little Mermaid and traded something of hers (not her voice obviously) for legs...hmm... *strokes chin*

The third installment of Lady G's HAUS of Ü fashion videos (here's the previous BRIDE look) features Yuyi in shades and a cigarette dangling out of her mouth, as well as Gaga's fashion director Nicola Formichetti and a random cowboy? We don't get how Mommy Monster's "You and I" lyrics connect to Yuyi's persona, but we love it anyways. 

Of course, for every fashion vid we post, I've done up a Polyvore look that can make YOU into a mermaid...on land!

Lady Gaga, You And I: Yuyi The Mermaid

Since you might not want to walk around in a nude bandeau that looks like it's attached to your skin, a tube tob is probably more modest. Throw on a long mermaid tail-style skirt, red lips, and sea foam green nail polish for that extra nautical flair. 

Stay tuned for more Lady Gaga HAUS OF Ü installments...and more wearable looks from Polyvore! 

~ A.H.