Watch This!: Lady Gaga's Edge Of Glory

Lady Gaga's video for Edge of Glory was released last night during the broadcast for So you Think You Can Dance and response has been...mixed. Here's our take on it:

The whole video takes place on a too-perfect-to-be-real set of a New York street at night. You're not supposed to think it's real; it looks like something out of Rent. Gaga is decked out in vintage Versace and purple and blue lights cast a glow over the entire thing. She dances around on stoops and fire escapes and street corners while E Street Band saxophonist Clarence Clemons (seen in the screenshot above) watches on and plays when he's needed. The song is a really heartfelt pop ballad that Gaga has revealed is about "your last moment on earth, the moment of truth, the moment before you leave earth." She wrote the song after the passing of her grandfather and it was released as the third single from Born This Way.

Gaga triumphant in her vintage Versace getup

The complaints about the Edge of Glory video have all been the same: Gaga's eyes look vacant and void of the passion we usually see from her (is it intentional?) and the whole thing looks a little cheap. While we agree with the first criticism, the second one is subjective. Maybe it's meant to look a little cheap/tacky? We love her outfits and we dig the focus this video provides. After all, Lady Gaga herself has been quoted saying that the super stripped-down video for Alejandro was her favorite and that she can't stand to watch her busy, extravagant Telephone video.

Vacant eyes?Vacant eyes?

So now the floor is yours! Tell us; what do you think of it?