Watch This: Lana Del Rey - Born To Die Music Video

We at MetroLyrics have all been hooked on Lana Del Rey since she came out with her first hit Video Games, and then again when she released Blue Jeans. Well, she's done it again! Her latest single is called Born To Die and she also announced that would be the title of her debut album, out next year.

The video for Born To Die was released today (or rather it leaked, as confirmed by Del Rey in a tweet) and it matches the song's musical beauty with its stunning visuals. While the videos for Video Games and Blue Jeans were a little more pieced-together and lo-fi, the Born To Die video is polished, glossy, and beautiful. The lyrics can pretty accurately describe what goes down:
Take a walk on the wild side / Let me kiss you hard in the pouring rain / You like your girls insane, so / Choose your last words / This is the last time / Cause you and I / We were born to die

The video features Del Rey and her heavily tattooed boyfriend (actor/model Bradley Soileau) being in love, kissing in his car, making out in a beautiful hotel room, and at the end getting in a terrible car crash. It reminds us of a more heartfelt and vintage-inspired version of the scene from The O.C. where Marissa dies.

Overall, the lyrics and video are sad but hopeful at the same time. Del Rey emphasizes her belief that we should enjoy our lives, love and live with abandon, and spend time with people we care for.
Keep making me laugh, / Lets go get high / The road is long, we carry on / Try to have fun in the meantime