Watch This! Rebecca Black "My Moment"

Hey guys, stop holding your breath! It's finally here! No, not a time machine to let me go back to last week and erase the bus ride on which I started to unknowingly (and emotionally) lip-sync "Halo"... It's Rebecca Black's new music for "My Moment," of course! It's definitely not as fun as "Friday" but I must admit it's pretty cute and maybe a lil' bit inspiring (yeah, I said it). You gotta hand it to Miss Black for coming out of her cyber-bullying vortex virtually unscathed. I'm sure her cameo in Katy Perry's "Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)" didn't hurt either. So if you're into the traditional Hollywood dream filled with glitz and glamour, give "My Moment" a watch. Oh yeah, we're diggin' the side fishtail braid, too.