Watch This! Rise Against "Make It Stop (September's Children)"

Rise Against has teamed up with the It Gets Better Project to collaborate on their new music video for "Make It Stop (September's Children)" to raise awareness about suicide as a result of bullying in the LGBT community.
The video shows the band performing the song in a high school gym alongside depictions of kids from the LGBT community experiencing and coping with bullying from their peers. The music video also includes snippets of multiple YouTube submissions provided by the It Gets Better Project.
The It Gets Better Project is a non-profit organization created by columnist and author Dan Savage, who is featured in the video with his partner Terry Miller. IGB has turned into a worldwide movement, inspiring over 10,000 user-created videos viewed over 35 million times.
If you or anyone you know has been a victim of bullying due to their sexual preference, or if you just want to get involved in the It Gets Better Project, check out their website:

"Make It Stop (September's Children)" music video:

The Making Of "Make It Stop (September's Children)":