Watch This! Selena Gomez Teen Choice Awards Backstage Video Diary

We're loving these video diaries that Selena Gomez keeps posting because she's just so darn cute! She could eat dirt and still look totally adorable. 

Case in point: At around the 2:22 mark, Lil' Gomez is disappointed with the apple she's been provided. She had been rehearsing all afternoon for her Teen Choice Awards performance and all she wanted was some junk food. Chips, chocolate, candy, gum, whatever! But all she gets is an apple. Boring! Trust me, if I were in her position, I would come off as a total brat and not cute at all. If I had Selena's star power, heads would roll over that apple, that's for sure. 

Anyway, watch Selena stroll Times Square, do vocal warmups with her BF (I think his name is Justin Bieber or something?) and pose on the red carpet. Go Selena go!