Watch This!: Selena Gomez & The Scene - Love You Like A Love Song

Selena Gomez is setting aside her bubble-gum pop image for her fun and costume-y new video and we're huge fans! This video is totally entertaining and we couldn't look away. Lets break it down:

It starts off in a Japanese karaoke bar (we though karaoke was Korean? Moving on...) where Selena is introduced to the stage for her turn on the mic. She is glammed up (big hair!) head to toe lookin' all fly and she starts singing her song. If you've ever been to karaoke, you know that the video footage they play on the lyrics videos is absolutely RIDICULOUS. It's usually a couple walking along the beach (totally nailed the reference in this video) but I've even seen people para-sailing and hang-gliding in these kooky vids. Selena plays up the weirdness by changing into various costumes (hippie, Marie Antoinette, 1950's greaser gal) but manages to look totally cute in all of them. Watch and tell us what you think!