Watch This! Sleigh Bells - Reign of Terror (Teaser Trailer)

One of the most innovative noise-rock groups to come out in 2010 was the incomparable Sleigh Bells. If you want to ease your way into the duo's music, maybe start with the chill-wave "Rill Rill", and then check out hard-hitters like "Infinity Guitars" and "Kids". Whether or not their music is for you, a trailer for their sophomore release Reign of Terror surfaced on the Interwebs, and we gotta say we're intrigued.  

The teaser trailer for the album contains a backing track of swelling, ominous guitars, which is the sound the band is known for. Singer Alexis Krauss is spotted grooming her signature look in the mirror — jet black hair with bangs, gold accessories — while guitarist Derek E. Miller slides on one of the coolest varsity jackets we've ever seen. Complete with live concert clips and even a couple hand-held tour cam footage, the trailer for Reign of Terror definitely captures our attention.

Look out for the new album in early 2012: will you be picking it up?

~ A.H.