Watch This! Starry Eyed (US Version) - Ellie Goulding

UK darling Ellie Goulding's been making waves in North America ever since her amazing Coachella performance earlier this year, so to pay homage to her Yankee fans, EG recently released this video for her hit "Starry Eyed". You gotta love this tiny girl with a great big voice, but I find this video pretty cheesy IMO — it's way too literal! Although, I do love this outfit (toque + off-shoulder jumper + cutoffs FTW!):

 And this manicure (Pink tips! Gotta try it):

All in all, I clearly love the looks in this video, but it would have been nice to see a deeper concept played out to showcase Goulding's super-cool music. Do you guys like the video?

~ A.H.