Watch This!: Ximena Sariñana - Different

Videos that strike my fancy always have three things in common:

  • bright colors

  • fun dance numbers

  • multiple outfit changes

So it's no surprise that this new video from Mexican breakout artist Ximena Sariñana caught my eye. I just HAD to post about it, mostly due to the three factors I listed above but also due to that fact that this is an artist you need to know about now. She began her journey in the spotlight at age 11 appearing as an actress in Mexican telenovelas (that's soap operas for you non-Spanish speakers). She then went on to record two albums, the first in Spanish and the second most recent album is mostly in English. Forgive the pun, since the video takes place at a pool, but this girl is making waves (yikes...)!

This video is awesome for so many reasons so you just have to watch it and figure it out for yourself. I will say one thing though: the old ladies in this have some SERIOUS style.