Watch/Try This!: OK Go + Pilobolus + Google - All Is Not Lost

OK GO are probably recognized just as much for their creative music videos as for their music. Maybe you remember their insanely well-choreographed treadmill video for Here It Goes Again or their amazing Rube Goldberg machine set-up for their This Too Shall Pass video? Well the viral-minded guys of OK Go are at it again, this time partnering up with Google and a contemporary dance troupe called Pilobolus to bring you a pretty insane project.

Here are the deets: This is an interactive project where fans can visit a dedicated website to watch the video. Using a brand new technology called HTML5, the site allows people to input a few words that the dancers in the video will spell out with their bodies. It's pretty amazing stuff and it's making waves in both the tech and music communities! You need Google Chrome for it to work, so if you have it, here's the link:

If not, you can watch the video on YouTube! It doesn't have the same wow-factor but it's still pretty impressive.