image of mother's day songs

Sunday, May 12th marks the day that we celebrate the woman who gave us life: dear Mama! And what better way to give mad props to our mothers than with a mom-filled playlist? We curated a 15-song playlist on Spotify that says everything we've always wanted to say to our moms with lyrics, and you can listen to it below.

1. Mama ♥ Spice Girls
2. Mother Like Mine ♥ The Band Perry
3. Stacy's Mom ♥ Fountains Of Wayne
4. Tie Your Mother Down ♥ Queen
5. Dear Mama ♥ 2pac
6. Motherlover ♥ The Lonely Island ft. Justin Timberlake
7. Mama's Song ♥ Carrie Underwood
8. Oh Mother ♥ Christina Aguilera
9. I Got It From My Mama ♥
10. Mother And Child Reunion ♥ Paul Simon
11. Mama Told Me ♥ Big Boi ft. Kelly Rowland
12. Treat Me Like Your Mother ♥ The Dead Weather
13. Hey Mama ♥ Kanye West
14. Thank You Mom ♥ Good Charlotte
15. Mama I'm Coming Home ♥ Ozzy Osbourne

What songs are you dedicating to Mom this Sunday, May 12th? Let us know in the comments...