We Love Our Mamas: The Ultimate Mother's Day Playlist

From the Spice Girls to 2Pac, all the best Mother's Day tracks are right here on our Spotify playlist

Mother's Day celebrates the woman who gave us life: dear ol' Mama! And what better way to give mad props to our mothers than with a mom-filled playlist? We curated a playlist on Spotify that is totally mother approved, featuring classics like Spice Girls' "Mama" and newer tunes like The Lonely Island's, er, "Mother Lover." No matter which way you celebrate your dear ol' mom this Mother's Day, she's sure to love the gift of music, so give our playlist a spin this Sunday!

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♥ Happy Mother's Day from all of us at MetroLyrics! ♥

What songs are you dedicating to Mom this Sunday? Let us know in the comments, and be sure to check out our 10 Songs Musicians Wrote For Their Mothers list as well!