"Weird Al" Yankovic: 30 Years Of LOL-Worthy Lyrics

Love him or hate him, there's just something about "Weird Al" Yankovic's parodied lyrics of popular songs. Did you know that he's been in the parody game for three decades??? The song that first put Al on the map was his "My Sharona" ode, aptly titled "My Bologna". Now, 13 albums and 3 Grammys later, Al's keeping the parody hits pumping with his tribute to Lady Gaga ("Perform This Way") and even Ke$ha and The Biebs in his signature accordion-tinged "Polka Face". 

Personally, I think Weird Al's best parody lyrics AND video goes to "Eat It", a play on Michael Jackson's "Beat It". Watch & LOL below:

But we want you to make the call! What are your favorite Weird Al parody lyrics?

For more on Weird Al's steady launch into fame, KROQ's Three Decades Of Parody article is definitely worth a read. 

~ A.H.