Weird Collabs: Jonas Brothers - Don't Charge Me For The Crime ft. Common

What strikes me as weird about this collab off the JoBros's album Lines, Vines and Trying Times is not the fact that it's a rock/rap song (that's quite a normal thing, actually), it's the fact that it's the JONAS BROTHERS. With reputable rapper Common. COLLABORATING. 

On "Don't Charge Me For The Crime", Common's verses actually fit in well with the hard, crunchy guitars, but the Jonas Bros just don't have that rock n' roll je-ne-sais-quoi to really blend the song together.

You just gotta wonder how this collabo came about —  did the JB boys and their management call up Common because they were fans, or was it...vice versa? Did Common think he could toughen up their clean-cut image? It's all too weird to comprehend. 

~ A.H.