Weird Collabs: Moby - South Side ft. Gwen Stefani

WHOA. I have not seen this video in AGES. Does anybody remember this unlikely pairing? It's not even the music video or even the two polar opposite people coming together, it's also the fact that Moby is...speak-singing? Weird. 

I just got the best idea: looking for a couples Halloween costume this year? Dress up as the twisted twosome in this wacky vid! All you need for Moby is a pink fuzzy jacket, yellow tinted aviator sunglasses, and a bald cap (unless you or your friend is actually bald — bonus!). Gwen's outfit is a bit tougher to nail, because you need to be a super hardcore chick to pull off that 90s-style hair and makeup.

Do you guys remember this weird collabo?

~ A.H.

P.S. let's not forget this awk-weird part at 2:28...