Weird Collabs: Paul McCartney & Michael Jackson - Say Say Say

If you grew up  the eighties, you'll probably remember the extremely weird coupling of ex-Beatle Paul McCartney and freshly solo star of the time Michael Jackson. The pair became BFFs after collaborating on MJ's Thriller track "The Girl Is Mine", and then released their duet for "Say Say Say" off McCartney's album Pipes Of Peace in 1983. 

So, what's weird about this collabo? Uh, I dunno, maybe the fact that Michael was the hippest dude in the world when this video came out, and Paul was just his awkward dad-like sidekick? I can't really put my finger on it. 

Shoutout to Paul's wife Linda starring alongside the duo in the video — RIP, angel!

Any other ideas as to why this collabo is so...weird?

~ A.H.