Weird: What's With All The Mermaid Stuff, Lady Pop-Stars?


Have you noticed that the three biggest lady pop-stars right now (sorry, not counting you Rihanna and Adele) are kind of obsessed with mermaids? Beyonce, Lady Gaga and now Katy Perry have all recently come out with their affinity for people of the sea. Lets take a look at this (forgive me) fishy coincidence...

First, Beyonce: In her recent documentary Year Of 4 she is quoted as saying:
"I'm always happy when I'm surrounded by water. I think I'm a mermaid or I was a mermaid.

Fair enough. This sounds like a comment made in passing that is a little whimsical but probably not to be taken too literally. I'm sure Beyonce doesn't actually think she's a mermaid. So far, the closest she's come has been wearing mermaid dresses.

Let's move on to Lady Gaga: She announced that her alter ego is named Yuyi and that Yuyi is a mermaid. She even performed in a mermaid tail on Le Grand Journal television show in France last month.

Lastly, Katy Perry: She tweeted a picture of herself planking (um...) in a mermaid costume late yesterday night.

So...we're calling it now. Vampires are out, and mermaids are officially in. Agree?