We're Thankful For: The 3 Best Lady Gaga Songs That Were Never Singles

Lady Gaga is thankful for many things: her little monsters, her outrageous outfits, and the fact that she is Born This Way. Since Mother Monster knows a thing or two about giving thanks (have you seen the abundant heartfelt tweets to her fans?) it is only fitting that she'll be hosting a Thanksgiving special on ABC Thursday night! The special, entitled A Very Gaga Thanksgiving will feature performances by her and her backup dancers as well as an emotional interview with Katie Couric. We can't wait to watch the special and see which songs she performs!

For our part in giving thanks Gaga-style, we decided to put together 3 Lady Gaga songs we're thankful for. These songs were never singles but that doesn't make them any less awesome. Without further ado, we're thankful for...

From The Fame: 'I Like It Rough'

This is an awesomely danceable song with some pretty heavy lyrics; Gaga talks about what is essentially an abusive relationship. She's saying how a rough and rocky relationship can be hard to leave because it's like a drug. We're thankful for this one because it shows Gaga can be deep, while still being a pop-artist at heart.

From The Fame Monster: 'So Happy I Could Die'

We're thankful for Gaga's 'So Happy I Could Die' because in all honesty, it's one of her best! The lyrics are thought to be inspired by her friend and fellow Lady Starlight, who Gaga is totally enamoured with. The song's good enough to be a single, and frankly we're a little pleased she kept this one off the airwaves: we might have gotten sick of it if she did!

From Born This Way: 'Government Hooker'

This industrial, alternative song is a bit of a darker tune for Gaga and that's why we love it. It will probably never be a single because of its controversial name and hook but we're happy to have it on our iPod.

Which Gaga songs are you thankful for? Will you be tuning in to her Thanksgiving special?

-A.H. & SJ