What Are The Best Songs Of 2014 (So Far)?

Here's our picks for the songs that we couldn't stop playing for the first half of the year. What are yours?

We can't believe that it's pretty much halfway through the year already: where has the time gone? 2014's zoomed by quicker than we ever thought it could go, and it's that time to start looking back at the songs that have shaped the year from January till June. We put together a playlist on Spotify with our picks of the best tracks of the year (so far), and we're highlighting five of them right now just for you:

Mariah Carey -- "Make It Look Good"

Mariah Carey's latest studio LP may have a pretty bizarre name, but we can't deny that the diva knows how to pen some seriously groovy R&B hits. She's already released gems like "#Beautiful" and "You're Mine (Eternal)", but "Make It Look Good" from the elusive chanteuse's new record is definitely one of the standout cuts. Mimi sings to a player who she can't seem to shake: hmm, Nick Cannon, anyone?

Beck -- "Turn Away"

Beck decided to go with folk on his new albumMorning Phase, and it was a good choice, because it produced the Simon-and-Garfunkel-esque "Turn Away". We've never heard Beck sing like this: so angelic, yet so serious in the delivery of his lyrics. Put this track on when you're ready to drift off into a peaceful slumber.

Dolly Parton -- "Blue Smoke"

The absolute LEGEND that is Dolly Parton came out with a new record this year, also titled Blue Smoke, and we adore how cheery she makes her music even when the lyrical content is troublesome. Did we mention she hand-wrote some of her new lyrics just for us? She's the best. Seriously.

Foster The People -- "Best Friend"

When your best friends are strung out...show them this song by Foster The People! The trio has always known how to pen easy-listening alt-rock that gets you on your feet, and their latest single is definitely a great example of that. It's even cooler when you check out the hand-written lyrics to the track, given to us by Mark Foster himself. Holler.

Johnny Cash -- "Baby Ride Easy" (ft. June Carter)

Even though country-rock legend Johnny Cash isn't with us anymore, his team is still releasing material that he never got the chance to, and we're very appreciative of it. This long-lost duet with his partner June Carter is a peppy, fun country ode that's the standout track off the release Out Among The Stars. Johnny Cash 4ever.

Listen to the rest of the tracks that we can't get enough of from 2014 (so far) off Spotify below:

What songs from 2014 are YOUR favorite? Share them with us in the comments!