What Did Katy Perry's Parents Think Of Her "I Kissed A Girl" Lyrics?

Do you remember when Katy Perry's first single "I Kissed A Girl" came out approximately four years ago in June 2008? The controversial single with lyrics about a good girl going bad shocked some ears, entertained others, and basically launched Katy Perry into international fame. To chronicle her journey from California choir singer to pop star extraordinaire, Katy is releasing Part Of Me 3D, a concert/biography film that highlights her live shows and tells her backstory as well.

What's making news regarding her new film? Her parents appearing in it! Katy's mom and dad are known as highly religious people, so it looks like the public wanted to know what they really thought of their daughter's music, especially her fire-starting first single. So, what did Katy Perry's parents think of her "I Kissed A Girl" lyrics?

"I was a little concerned, yeah, 'cause I thought my ministry after 30-something years is over. But, you know what? Never had a problem", says her pastor father Keith Hudson. Her mom, on the other hand, doesn't consider it a favorite Katy song of hers. When the pop star asks her mother if she thinks "I Kissed A Girl" is her fave, she gives a stern look and says slowly..."No". Yikes!

Watch the movie clip with Katy's parents and sister from her upcoming flick Part Of Me 3D: