What Songs Would You Put On A Late Night Playlist?

We've curated our own Spotify playlist for those bedtime blues, inspired by the Late Night compilation series.

Image via Scott Heavey | Getty

We don't know about you guys, but one of our favorite times to listen to music is at the end of a long, busy day. That comforting feeling of just winding down for the evening is perfect for a compilation of soothing tracks, which UK record label Night Time Stories has got down on lock. For over a decade, the label has been releasing the series Late Night Tales, where artists are asked to put together their own playlist of tracks they think are the best soundtrack for just-before-betime. Acts like MGMT, Snow Patrol, and The Flaming Lips have all compiled Late Night Tales in the past, and it got us thinking: what songs would WE put on a Night Time Stories compilation?

When it comes to our selection, we just thought of some of our favorite tracks of all time, which is pretty much how these compilations are assembled. Take a look below at our Late Night playlist, give it a listen off Spotify, and then start thinking about YOUR Late Night track list!

1. Prank Calls ☾ Kelley Stoltz
2. Someday ☾ High Water
3. Lushoto ☾ John Wizards
4. The Dumps ☾ Elvis Perkins
5. Maze ☾ Actress
6. If You Could Read My Mind ☾ Johnny Cash
7. Lust For A Vampyr ☾ I Monster
8. Positive Force ☾ Delicate Steve
9. We Could Change ☾ Ghasper
10. Graceland ☾ Paul Simon
11. Show You My Way ☾ Chrome Sparks
12. You're The One For Me ☾ Marvin Gaye
13. Heart ☾ Darkside
14. Don't Drop Out ☾ Dolly Parton
15. Jubilee Street ☾ Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
16. God Bless The Girl ☾ David Bowie
17. Icabod ☾ Trust
18. Tell Me ☾ Tom Waits
19. I'm Mandy Fly Me ☾ 10cc
20. Walk Of Life ☾ Spice Girls
21. From Now On ☾ Supertramp
22. Slam ☾ David Sanborn

Check out our Late Night playlist on our YouTube page as well:

So, what songs would you put on your very own Late Night playlist? Let us know in the comments.