What Would Bea Miller Be Doing If She Wasn't A Musician?

One of the best parts about watching The X Factor is watching an audition and being completely blown away by a performer. Case in point: cheeky pop singer Bea Miller, who went by Beatrice Miller during her stint on the second season of the US version of the talent show. At just 15 years old, Nina's buzzworthy X Factor run resulted in a deal with Syco Music and Hollywood Records, and she's now in the midst of recording her debut LP, due out later in the year. And all before her sixteenth birthday, to boot!

In the meantime, Bea's teasing her fans with her Young Blood EP, which shot to #2 on the iTunes pop charts when it was released on April 22nd. The EP's title track, "Young Blood", boasts a powerful message of being free and not caring what others think of you, while "Fire N Gold" is an inspiring song with lyrics about owning the moment over a dubstep-y backing groove.

Bea Miller took the time to fill out our exclusive My Musical Mind survey that reveals some of her closest secrets, like what career path she'd go down if it wasn't for music or the best thing a fan ever did for her. How about that cute self-portrait, too? Find out all about the up-and-coming pop star in her hand-written questionnaire:

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Listen to Bea Miller's "Young Blood" off her latest EP right on VEVO below:

And be sure to download her Young Blood EP off iTunes, available today.

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